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(Waco, Tx) UnionBrands Eateries Texas, LLC, (UBET) a subsidiary of Turner Behringer Holdings, has completed its separation and will continue to thrive and grow as a privately held company, under the umbrella of The Behringer Group Family of Companies.

UnionBrands has successfully developed as a leader in the diverse dining option category, creating an environment in eateries that bring food, family, friends and fun together, all in one contiguous space.

Union Hall Waco, located at 720 Franklin Ave. represents the company’s original location, while Union Grove Woodway is teeing up to be the next flagship eatery, located at 8100 Woodway Drive, on Waco’s western border.

Todd Behringer, Chairman and CEO of The Behringer Group, LLC, who originally partnered with brothers Shane and Cody Turner to develop the concept, said “Union Hall was a vision created, literally as they say, with a blank canvas.” Taking a dusty supply warehouse, combined with a boarded-up sports bar, Turner Behringer combined both buildings to repurpose, resulting in 25 European style eateries comprising of 18,000 square feet, opening back in November of 2019.

“We opened and then battled through the covid year, like everyone else did” says Behringer. Despite the obstacles, Union Hall has continued to grow, building a solid customer base through focusing on traffic generation and synergy the family of food vendors provide.

Behringer addressed the perception of limited parking downtown by saying, “Some views are valid and others not so much. The continuous rebuilding of downtown Waco’s infrastructure, literally since 2019, has contributed as much, by preventing parking seekers from taking a left or right, or even the correct street, while attempting to visit any business establishment, Behringer replied.”

Nonetheless, ample free parking has been in existence within blocks, including the 4th street parking garage, the 6th street parking lot, and the upcoming 300+ space 6th street parking garage attached to the AC Hotel Waco, just in time as downtown’s reinvented landscape takes shape.

Behringer added “We like that our eateries are associated with the word destination.” You come here for the flexibility, variety, and casual atmosphere.” Union Hall has maintained an average vendor occupancy of 90% with 26 stations since its inception, resulting in positive vibes for continued growth.

The learning curve for operating in a niche industry has had its challenges, but also has created a competitive advantage. With 4 years of performance experience, Behringer envisions UnionBrands growth beyond its home base of Waco, Texas. Temple was originally on the radar for the company’s 3rd location, but final logistics didn’t materialize, prompting College Station to become its first new market location, set to open in late 2024.

About UnionBrands Eateries Texas LLC. UnionBrands Eateries Texas LLC (UBET) headquartered in Waco, Texas is the parent company for Union Hall Waco, Union Grove Woodway, and the future Union Oak College Station. Each eatery provides a unique experience, without the cookie-cutter feel of the national chains. The implementation of best practices approach has achieved enthusiasm and energy to each location under the UBET brand.

About The Behringer Group, LLC.

Todd Behringer (Baylor University Alumni, BBA ’88) is Chairman of The Behringer Group, LLC, an independent Waco-based leadership company established in 2004. The Behringer Group, LLC focuses on enriching communities through private-public economic development projects, real estate consulting services, and hospitality management.

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